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New in the Gallery


Advance Design 1-Ton Rendezvous
at the Reunion in Kansas City
<< Click on the image for a larger view >>

This was such a treat when Jim Carter realized there were three Advance Design 1-ton trucks on the show field (one of them his!). So, we set up a photo-shoot to get them all together. Too bad we didn't get Wayne Alderson to bring over Bill's 1949 Chevrolet 1-ton, too.

Jim was anxious to include several of these pictures to the story he had just done on a 1950 GMC 1-ton in his Truck of the Month feature on his website.

From Jim:

"What a surprise! During the recent large 2014 Midwest All Truck Nationals in Riverside, Missouri, there were three Advance Design 1 ton pickups. We doubt if there has been that many [Advance Design] 1 tons pickups in one place in 50 years.

"This unusual event required photo shots. They are owned by:

1947 GMC owned by Joe Miller of Smithville, Missouri
(See the July 2013 Feature Truck of the Month)

1949 Chevrolet with a 9-foot long bed, owned by John & Peggy Milliman of Mechanicsville, Maryland

1949 Chevrolet owned by Jim Carter of Independence, Missouri


Here are additional pictures from the show from Tim McCullough via Teemack Photography. It was great to have the KC Club taking truck pictures. We mostly took people pictures.


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