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  Welcome to our Virtual Garage for pre-1973 GM trucks -- If you're restoring, preserving or just driving an ole "Stovebolt," our "e-zine" has information we hope you'll find useful for living with your old truck -- from links to parts vendors (the best list of Stovebolt-related links on the 'Net!), a Gallery of old trucks to a virtual Swap Meet where you can find (or sell) those elusive parts to complete your restoration projects. We even have a discussion forum where you can ask questions, post ideas and even hang out with some old rusty Stovebolters!

We have a lot of things here but the best one is knowledge and we share it for free (no membership dues or pay-to-view).

So pull up a virtual running board, cop a squat and check the Gallery for lots of old truck stories. If you have some questions about the old GM truck project you are working on, try our FAQ, Tech Tips or jump right into The Forums, where the Stovebolt Brain Trust resides.

We've got everything in here from 1/2-tons to 3-tons, COE's, Panels and 'Burbs, Firetrucks, Tow trucks -- Lots of trucks in all shapes, sizes and stages of restoration and enjoyment.

Join us and make us stronger
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New Links

  • Ron Francis Wiring -- Lots of wiring (harness) and lighting stuff, tech tips and a catalog. He has a "newest and greatest" link plus a clearance link. Check it out and give us some feedback. [ Electrical ]
  • Best Deal Spring & Truck Parts -- "Manufacture leaf springs and suspension parts for all types of trucks. We routinely assist customers with finding parts for their older trucks that they could not find anywhere else." [ Parts ]
  • The Perry Company -- in Waco, TX. Pickup truck accessories (& farm implements) since 1946 [ Parts ]
  • A-1 Auto Transport -- Shipping cars nationwide and internationally for over 22 years [ Services / Hauling ]
  • Car Guy Garage -- "Garage storage has evolved and now you can make the garage another room in your house." Garage Cabinets, Storage, Flooring, Accessories, Lighting and Decor [ Other Neat Stuff ]
  • Heater-Treater -- Automotive/truck heater/air conditioner repair -- this site seems to be more for newer vehicles but a friend recommended them as a "great company" that sells many different repair kits. We needed it for our, ahem ... Dodge ... so we thought we'd share. [ Modern Iron ]
  • GM Truck Club -- This is a forum for a lot of GM trucks and has some technical information and what mostly caught my eye, was a listing of local and regional GM Clubs -- USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia even. [ Truck Sites ]
  • Northeast Chevy GMC Truck Club -- This was one of the sites listed on Hemmings ... you can also locate a club via the Hemmings site for other areas in their Find a Club link. [ Truck Sites ]
  • A OK Auction Company -- "Auction Zip" to find live and on-line auctions. Don "2-ton" King found his anvils via this site. Looks like they have a variety of unusual stuff [ Other Neat Stuff ]



Old Dominion Stovebolt Society
a tear down weekend

What do old truck guys do? Here's a good example of the kind of stuff we hear about on a regular basis. This video was taken by Joe "amtrakjoe" Rago's friend. A gang of Stovebolters from the ODSS headed up to Pennsylvania for a weekend to take apart Joe's 1947 dually, bagging and tagging as they went along. This was Joe's Grandfather's truck so this restoration project has special meaning for him. Joe is the guy holding the bag ... oh, I mean steering wheel. He was one happy guy ... and so were the rest of them. The old "good time had by all" kind of experience.

We have a forum, The Side Lot, generally divided into geographic sections. You can find out who's in your "neck of the woods," what's going on and what's coming up. Check it out ... join in. Get a tear down party going on in your area. Or an engine start ... hood alignment ... whatever! With a group like this, you can get a truck totally torn down in a day ... and have fun before, after and during!

Eight minutes into the video, there is a nice interview with Cosmo

"I wasn't present at the time and yet I was elected President (of the ODSS) ... figure that one out."

"Here we are north of Philadelphia, confronted with all the frozen bolts and possible situations when you have one of these beautiful trucks that we have come to know and love."

Where others see a rusty, old, worn out pile of scrap metal, "we all see potential."

Friendship ... "That is what this is all about. We met and have become friends, with the common bond being the Stovebolt site. We are investing our knowledge, skills and skinned knuckles to bring Joe's truck to life."

"You don't have to face your old truck challenges alone. There are others out there willing to support you." Get over to the forums!

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